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Running To Freedom™ from Uta’s Freedom and Movement series

In this history-inspired speaking series, “Running To Freedom™,” Uta explores our freedom to choose and encourages you to explore the desire for change. She shares fundamental tools needed to help you to be the best you can be and, along the way, draw parallels to and strength from her own life experiences – with insights into how to find inspiration to reach goals and embrace possibilities that arise when you feel freedom within.

Her speaking series include this topic and “Take The Magic Step™ to Lifelong Fitness.” The paradigms she has created are unique in the public speaking arena.

Take The Magic Step™

Behind Running To Freedom™

Freedom means different things to different people. For Uta it is the freedom of thought and movement. Uta: “The beauty in life can be the understanding of your inner freedom, the ability to eventually truly feel the freedom within to take chances, to not hold back.”

Freedom to Choose

Uta invites you to talk about:

➢ “To the end of the world" – of success and failure. To fitness and longevity.
➢ Universal duality of success.
➢ The secret of running. How it feels.
➢ Visualization and meditation techniques.
➢ Responsibility and individuality for a sustainable future.
➢ What does freedom mean to you?


Take The Magic Step™ to Life-long Fitness

Book Uta Pippig for keynote, motivational and after dinner talks, for one-day fitness and health events, as your personal meditation and yoga teacher or fitness coach, as conference presenter and for corporate, industry and public sector events.

Go The Extra Mile

Visualisation, Creativity, Individuality. Planning and Cool Focus.

Live in the Moment

Maintain your energy. Yin and Yang. Exercise, nutrition, mind fitness.

Never Give

There is always a way up! Focus Your Energy. A wish becomes a goal.

Freedom to Choose

Explore the desire for change. Maintain your uniqueness.

Keep A Cool Focus

It’s never too late to adjust: Small steps lead to the big goal.