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Keeping A Cool Focus – The Mental Side of Success

In her presentation “Keeping A Cool Focus – The Mental Side to Success” Uta shares with her audience that in training and in life a Cool Focus – how she likes to call it – can bring the necessary calm and wisdom to overcome nervousness we experience when standing at the start lines and in any challenging situation. Keeping a Cool Focus simple can help you on your journey towards success to be the best you can be.

Her speaking series include “Running To Freedom™” and “Take The Magic Step™ to Lifelong Fitness.” The paradigms she has created are unique in the public speaking arena.

Take The Magic Step™

The Mental Side of Success

It is never too late to adjust your goal: Small steps lead to the big goal. Stay calm and think positively. And focus on your race and race strategy, exam, competition and more…

Keep A Cool Focus

Uta invites you to discuss:

➢ The Feeling of a Cool Focus.
➢ Mental tools such as visualization, re-evaluation, goal fine-tuning.
➢ Meditation techniques that help achieve optimal mental preparation.
➢ Resisting any pressure to doubt yourself.
➢ The calm before the storm.
➢ Establishing and finalizing a strategy for your journey.


Keeping A Cool Focus – The Mental Side of Success

Book Uta Pippig for keynote, motivational and after dinner talks, for one-day fitness and health events, as your personal meditation and yoga teacher or fitness coach, as conference presenter and for corporate, industry and public sector events.

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Keep A Cool Focus

It’s never too late to adjust: Small steps lead to the big goal.