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Take The Magic Step™ to Never Giving Up

In “Take The Magic Step™ to Never Giving Up,” Uta invites you to follow her journey from rising to win seven World Marathon Majors to her ever changing fitness goals of today. Understanding the physical law of ups and downs – there is always a way up – she applies the same principle to others facets of life. She advices to live in the moment, think positively: “In challenging situations step back, re-think, re-schedule and continue!” 


Her speaking series include “Running To Freedom™” and “Take The Magic Step™ to Lifelong Fitness.” The paradigms she has created are unique in the public speaking arena.

Take The Magic Step™

The story behind Take The Magic Step™ to Never Giving Up

Uta covered a distance of more than five times around the planet. On her journey, she says: “Discover that change is possible. This belief can empower you to act positively on behalf of your desire to change. When you let go of fear, you can move towards change, and, at the same time, empower others.”

Never Give Up

Uta invites you to discuss:

➢ “You are the master of your mind.” Create positive momentum.
➢ Discover that change is possible.
➢ Plans are a good, adjusting them is part of your journey.
➢ Live in the moment.
➢ Visualisation and meditation techniques.
➢ Let go to receive new. Step back to speed up. Always move forward.


Take The Magic Step™ to Life-long Fitness

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Go The Extra Mile

Visualisation, Creativity, Individuality. Planning and Cool Focus.

Live in the Moment

Maintain your energy. Yin and Yang. Exercise, nutrition, mind fitness.

Never Give

There is always a way up! Focus Your Energy. A wish becomes a goal.

Freedom to Choose

Explore the desire for change. Maintain your uniqueness.

Keep A Cool Focus

It’s never too late to adjust: Small steps lead to the big goal.