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Take The Magic Step™ to Lifelong Fitness

In “Take The Magic Step™ – The Extra Mile to Success” Uta shares her experience talking about visualizing success, planning meticulously, and running not just a few extra miles. She discusses the importance of staying curious and creative, thriving in your craft while maintaining uniqueness and individuality. And changing the course, when you need to, taking calculated risks. With appreciation she experienced this joyful journey which was also always the destination.

Her speaking series include “Running To Freedom™” and this topic.

Take The Magic Step™

Behind Lifelong Fitness

There is hardly anything more rewarding than working steadily, patiently, and diligently on a
goal that is close to your heart. Over the years Uta has learned that the extra mile, the extra
effort, is one of the most valuable approaches to success and freedom.

Live in the Moment

Uta invites you to discuss:

➢ You're the master of your mind. The courage to change.
➢ Continuity – key to longevity.
➢ With family and friends: physical activity as part of life.
➢ A peaceful mind, an energetic body – with yoga, hiking, running, and healthy eating.

Morning hour: start the day with a guiding principle. Live your passion.

Afternoon hour: Nature walks and Meditation.


Take The Magic Step™ to Lifelong Fitness

Book Uta Pippig for keynote, motivational and after dinner talks, for one-day fitness and
health events, as your personal meditation and yoga teacher or fitness coach, as conference presenter and for corporate, industry and public sector events.

Go The Extra Mile

Visualisation, Creativity, Individuality. Planning and Cool Focus.

Becomes A Goal

A wish becomes a goal. Visualization, planning, and cool focus.

Never Give

There is always a way up! Focus Your Energy. A wish becomes a goal.

Freedom to Choose

Explore the desire for change. Maintain your uniqueness.

Keep A Cool Focus

It’s never too late to adjust: Small steps lead to the big goal.